Who are we?

Our vision

APGA is a non-governmental and non-profit organization whose main interest is research, development, and applicative activities in the field of health promotion and physical activity and their effects on individual and society

APGA’s philosophy is that physical activity, especially sports and
recreation, is a tool that enables connecting of different stakeholders of the
society and contributes to solving contemporary social problems. Greater social
responsibility and the humanization of relations on all levels and all aspects
of society is one of the key factors for the sustainable growth, development,
and competitiveness of the economy and society in the future.

Concern for health, well-being and social inclusion is one of the most important building blocks of this shared future that can be efficiently solved with the tools of physical activity. As part of our work, we promote and support policies and practices that contribute to social responsibility and a higher level of realization of human rights and equal social, societal, and economic opportunities for all.



Our activities include promoting social inclusion, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, capacity building, key competencies development, mobility, marginalized and vulnerable groups, health and wellbeing, etc., using physical activity and sport as a main tool of deliverance and focusing on EU agenda and priorities.

APGA team has acquired a valuable experience
participating and coordinating ERASMUS+ projects focused on sport and physical
activity and its potential use to promote social inclusion and equal opportunities.

Through trainings, workshops, seminars and other activities we reach out to diverse social groups and community including disadvantaged persons, persons with disabilities, school children and youth, employees and others activating them to take part in physical activity and sport in order to improve their lifestyle habits and also providing opportunities for social inclusion and equality for all.