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Our project represented an important step in promotion of physical education and sport, especially for school children, with the help of great athletes, national, European, World and Olympic champions. Through workshops and sport events organized in all participating countries, with great athletes, coaches, specialists in physical education and sport and partner institutions we encouraged cross-border awareness for increasing the sports activities, healthy lifestyle and a harmonious development.


The general objective was to increase the participation of school children in sport and awareness of the importance of sport in daily lives, but and attracting them to the sport of performance, by encouraging participation in sports and physical education activities. Specific objectives: encourage participation in sport and physical activity; Promote voluntary activity in sport; Support innovative and educational approaches; Encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport.


Activities were implemented in the 10 countries participating in the project. Great athletes were involved who supported sports classes in schools and mobilized children to the project activities, Pedaliada – cycling and Open Hour in Sports, with activities in various sports: table tennis, 3×3 basketball, fencing, kayaking, skiing, skating, athletics, pitch and putt, football, etc. The 2 workshops, Health through Sport and From Experts in Sport to the People completed the applied activities.


The main result was the promotion of sports and physical education, their benefits for health and harmonious development and the increase in the number of children in their practice. A connection was made between great athletes and schools, through their presence in sports activities in schools, as direct promoters to children but also to their parents, by participating in the joint activities, Pedaliada and Open Hour in Sports and their desire to continue these activities annually.

Duration of the project:

November 2020 – October 2021


Project WOW EUROPE is funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Programme.

Action type: Not-for-profit European Sport Events

Funded by the EU